November 2012

Recently, with the exception of some very well done indie titles, the survival-horror genre has slowly but surely gravitated towards the action-shooter, in the hopes of appealing to a wider audience. While some games made the shift well, others have found themselves trapped in between, and left the true survival-horror niche tragically unfilled. The typical zombie has been relegated to a bit role, with many designers focusing more on the combat than the survival aspects of their games. Due to that necessity, the shambling undead zombie has been cast aside, in favor of faster enemies that better fit a faster-paced game. READ MORE

Borderlands 2 is the probably my most played game of 2012. Why? The shooting is good, the setting is fun, the characters and their special abilities are all distinct and fun while being useful in their own right (Maya is the exception here as I feel she suffers when running solo), and the side characters are just juvenile enough to make me laugh out loud while playing cooperatively both with my wife in the same room and my best friend in California. READ MORE

This episode, we do a lot of shooting with various levels of skill, dig out from under piles of light blue cases and burn the Free Hug coupon, only to regret it later. Topics: Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Little Inferno, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Hitman Absolution and Assassin’s Creed III, plus more Wii U talk and the latest in the game news world.


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Hosts: Chris Ingersoll, Andrew Passafiume, Graham Russell, Henry Skey, Shawn Vermette.
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There’s a lot of closure in The Walking Dead‘s final chapter, and I haven’t cringed so much while playing a game in a long time. It’s hard to reconcile my feelings that everybody should play this game with my innate want to keep people from being sad. The whole thing is brilliant (especially the final act), but when the credits rolled I had tears welling up in my eyes and I’m not sure that I have it in me to replay the game for a while. On the other hand, I’m absolutely ready for season two to release next year, so that I can buy it as soon as I can. I need to know what happens to this universe and the people who inhabit it. READ MORE

Is it possible to iterate too often? It certainly is, but this is the question I asked myself several times when playing New Super Mario Bros. U, the fourth entry in Nintendo’s successful New Super Mario Bros. franchise. To call it a different franchise entirely might be a stretch, but the entire series has had such a specific feel that combines the 2D Mario games of old with some very interesting ideas that are new to those games. This is another one of those, although it is most reminiscent of what I consider the best game in the series, making it a step up from what you might normally expect. READ MORE