Marco Ortega

Podcast Update

May 17, 2006

With Cone gone on vacation and me being slammed at work this week, posting the podcast will be delayed until maybe the end of the week. Sorry for the delay, as most of you know, we do this as a hobby and we don’t see a cent. We do this cause its fun and we love it. Sometimes are our real lives take over our hobbies. We will have the podcast up as soon as we can, thanks for listening.

PS3 News

May 8, 2006

I found this on IGN and other sites as the news keeps pouring in from E3, things are just crazy with info. But this just caught my attention. As they presented the new PS3 content, they also released new info on the price. For the 20 gig system it will run at $499 and the 60 gig system it will run at $599. As for the release date, it is said that the system will be out at the end of 2006 with two million units shipping.

To be quite honest, I don’t know what to think about the price. But with all the info that is presented concerning the new PS3, I still am not jumping on the bandwagon.

Podcast Episode 22

April 27, 2006

What is up my fellow gamers!! Just wanted to get things started for the upcoming podcast. We will be recording Episode 22 this Sunday at 4:30pm. We would like to hear your opinion on the topics below so please feel free to chime in. Remember this is a great way for your voice to be heard on the podcast, If you would like to send in audio feedback on the topics, remember to keep it under fifteen seconds.

Episode 22 Topics:

Segment 1: “Remakes” -Are there really some old games that deserve to be remade or is this a lack of innovation on the developers part since stories, characters are already fleshed out.

Segment 2: “Sequel-itis” -Problems with sequels that get made just because the first game was successful. Franchises that flop due to poor innovations. And franchises that have progressively gotten better.

You can send comments, questions, audio feedback and anything else to [email protected]

I must say that I am not a fan of the PS2, but yesterday I played the most addictive game ever. Guitar Hero is the coolest game I have ever played. I would suggest that everyone go out an buy it. Invite some friends over, turn up the volume to full blast, and go nuts. This game is so much fun. I also just read on IGN’s front page, that they are in the process of making Guitar Hero II. I’m all over it!

In other news, I hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent most of my day playing video games. Guitar Hero being one of them. Mike and I will have the podcast up Wednesday. We thank everyone for their feedback on the topic of downloading content. It truly helped! Thanks everyone, staye tuned!

Upcoming Podcast

April 12, 2006

To all out there in the gaming world. The Snackbar Crew will be recording the next podcast this Sunday. We hope that everyone can chime in on the topic at hand. You can email us at [email protected], or send us your audio feedback. Please keep the audio feedback clean and under ten seconds. And you can also sound off in the forums and have your feedback read over the cast.

The upcoming topic that we will be tackling on our next podcast will be the following:

“The Future of Microtransactions/Downloadable Content” – So we all know what this is and really, it would be cool to get your takes on the idea of more developers moving to this style of game distribution. Is it possible that the future will be represented in buying a full game piece by piece? Is it really worth spending a few dollars on adding additional missions, weapons, areas, quests? s it worth it? Downloading extra content like weapons, maps, clothes, armor, etc., is it really worth downloading and spending 5-10 bucks? Does this expand the gaming experience or just take money out of your pockets. Is this becoming the next virtual barbie playhouse?

We would love to hear everyones opinion on this matter. So please participate on our podcast and be heard.