Molydeux Reveux

Writer Mike Walbridge’s goal: play every Molyjam game and tell you about them. Want to know more? Click here.

297: The Molydeuxds: This game represents a conglomeration of some of Molydeux’s worst ideas. There is a big, Populous-style map. I killed all of one tribe and nothing happened, and didn’t have the patience to eat the rest of them. Each character is supposed to represent a person. READ MORE

March 30th through April 1st marked the worldwide, multi-location game jam What Would Molydeux?, wherein participants design and make games based on the crazy tweets and musings of PeterMolydeux, a Twitterer that suggests radical game design ideas in a ramped-up style of impersonating Peter Molyneux.

The general consensus I’m seeing is that if you actually went to the jam and got to make something, it was fun. The games themselves are a lot to slog through. By my count, there are 242 different games listed in the 291-item list. In reverse order, I intend to play all of those games and give my impressions. READ MORE