iOS Roundup: Conquer all of the lands everywhere

October 24, 2011

This week, we’re taking over all of the places in both LandGrabbers and Tiny Token Empires.

Tiny Token Empires (iPad): The latest in a streak of Risk-style games with different battle systems, Tiny Token Empires goes with a Match-3 mechanic for determining the victor. You recruit units, each with a color alignment, and matching that color readies them for attack.

There are some interesting elements here: leader units have special abilities, different maps and objectives keep things fresh and the touch controls work well. One downside: the matching interface is polygonal for some reason, making things just a bit less precise to move around.

We have our fingers crossed for some multiplayer (maybe even local?), but as it is, it’s a fun diversion. Its asking price of $8.99 may hold some back. 4/5

LandGrabbers (iPad): LandGrabbers is an iPad-only real time strategy game released by Nevosoft. Unlike traditional real time strategy games that require you to collect resources, build structures, and produce units, LandGrabbers focuses on using your units to capture structures from other armies.

Each of your structures builds units at a steady pace. The five different structure types each build a different type of unit with different characteristics. As you increase the number of units at a given structure you may upgrade the structure.To capture an enemy structure you have to send enough units that they overpower the existing army units in that structure. In order to complete the level and move on you must take control of all structures on that level.

As the game progresses the total number of structures per level increases as well as the difficulty of the layout of the map. With more than 36 levels that can be played at 3 different difficulty levels, LandGrabbers is an extensive and highly enjoyable gaming experience.The initial game is free with an additional 27 levels available for an additional in-app charge, which you are sure to want after you get a taste of the action. -Chris Rasco 5/5

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