A Tech Fabrication launches replacement Xbox 360 case

June 1, 2009

A few months back pc case maker Lian Li debuted a replacement Xbox 360 case for gamers looking for a little better thermal properties and a little more custom look for their system. A Tech Fabrication, a custom case manufacturer out of Burbank, has decided to enter that arena as well as they announced the availability of the HeatSync Three-Sixty.

The HeatSync Three-Sixty is a full chassis replacement for your Xbox 360 that makes use of the exclusive HeatSync technology designed in house by A Tech. HeatSync uses heatpipes to funnel heat to the case chassis which acts as a large heatsink keeping your system ultra cool and quiet.

The HeatSync Three-Sixty features a whole host of optional faceplates that inlude memory card slots, USB ports for wired controllers, and even a rackmount faceplate.

The HeatSync Three-Sixty should be available to order sometime this week and pictures can be found on the official website. Pricing has not been released at this time.