April 4, 2005

Just read an update from Peter Molyneux’s next game titled “The Movies”. Being a movie lover and somewhat of a semi-indi filmmaker , this new game should really change things a bit in the industry. You can literally create any type of film, with any type of story you want. They are also talking about letting famous film festivals accept entries from “The Movies”. The screenshots look very cool! Anything that allows you to build a small time extra into a huge star is also very cool. One thing that took me by surprise is being able to import a picture of yourself and having “The Movies” mapping it into a character. This is not a game that will play like The Sims with all the management of taking care of each individual person. You manage your studio and your films. The Movies is slated to be released in August.

In other news, Battlefield 2 is upon us, so the crew is gearing up for some really intense gaming. Upgrade your rigs guys, this game is going to be awesome.