Atlus bringing Radiant Historia to the US

November 22, 2010

Today Atlus announced the localization of their newest DS game, Radiant Historia. In addition, the wait will be less than we’ve become accustomed to from Atlus, as it is scheduled to be released here for the DS in February 2011. Radiant Historia has a time traveling motif and aims to transport gamers back into the 16-bit golden age of RPGs.

Additionally, every launch copy of the game will include a soundtrack CD for the game as an added bonus.

Key features of the game are as follows:



  • Restore the True History–With the power of the White Chronicle, the crossroads of time is yours to traverse.  Jump back and forth across various turning points in history in order to save your world from destruction.
  • Your Choices Matter–Difficult decisions face you at every turn.  Who will you side with?  Who will you choose to help?  Your choices progress the story and bring you to drastically different ends. Return to previous choices to initiate changes whose effects ripple throughout the timelines.
  • Push Your Foes Around–Use the turn order and your special ability to manipulate the positions of enemies on the field to set up combination attacks and gain the upper hand.