Church To Use Left Behind Game As ‘Evangelistic Tool’

March 5, 2007

Officials from Left Behind Games have announced that the company’s flagship product, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, will play center stage at a church sponsored youth outreach event in California. This first event will be held this evening at 6:00 PM at XPC LAN Gaming Center in Temecula, California.

The game, which launched on November 14, 2006, has been largely panned by critics, as well as come under fire from religious groups for its glorifying of killing of people who exhibit beliefs contrary to the Christian faith.

“We are very encouraged to see how churches are now recognizing the true evangelistic nature of our game. Left Behind: Eternal Forces is the most in-depth and most expensive inspirational game ever made in the history of the world,” says CEO Troy Lyndon of Left Behind Games. “It is also one of the only games in history to promote the power of prayer and worship as more powerful than guns.”

He added: “And we are grateful to everyone for helping us to get to this point, and we are encouraged to see churches and ministries throughout our nation begin to embrace this game to reach the youth, when so many other games are leading our youth down the wrong path. More than 93% of kids play video games today, and it is essential that we embrace the reality of this medium to create content which is good in an industry which is so dark.”