Cone is OUT!!!

October 7, 2004

Ok since Cone is gone until Friday, I want to be able to completely rearrange the entire site, have Pickle do some really cool image changes and all. Oh yeah before I forget, Tribes Vengeance has shipped to stores across America. I never was interested to actually try this game out considering it’s just like Unreal Tournament but with jet packs. But I have been reading good reviews about it, so I might give it a go at the Xtreme Gaming Cyber Cafe. Which might I add, they will be having an event for Tribes Vengeance when it releases, so stay tuned for that if your town.

I just forgot one thing, I don’t have access to any of the detailed serious admin stuff, so I can’t make any arrangements. I will see if I can call some of my HaXoR buddies and see if they can crack the passwords. Until then stay tuned!