Delaying The Ghost!!

June 21, 2004

Blizzard has announce yet another delay for their most anticipated game, StarCraft Ghost. Blizzard reps want to be 100% confident with gameplay and graphics and want gamers to get as much as they can from the game. No date has been specified for release, so I guess we can just forget about this game for a bit.

Since EA and Xbox Live have struck a deal, Madden has added more online features that will literally keep you from watching ESPN. EA has added customizable live sports tickers,which means you can keep tabs on real life sports scores and your buddies online status and stats. Also Tournament capabilities will be enhanced majorly, and reputation ratings will be much more detailed. Another cool feature that will added is updating the rosters during the football season. Depending on how many changes there are during the real NFL footbal season, will allocate roster changes. So stay tuned for some more gaming news.