E3 11 preview: Sony

May 31, 2011

Ready for this year’s E3? We aren’t, but we’re getting there! We thought we’d help you too with a look at the Big Three. Today, we’re taking a look at what Sony could have in store. 

What we know

The company’s new portable, codenamed Next Generation Portable, is slated for a holiday release. This means we’ll hear an actual name, price and release date at the show. We’ve seen blockbuster franchises in the works for the system, including versions of Uncharted and Killzone. Speaking of Uncharted, Drake’s Deception is also slated for the holidays, and we’re also prepared for releases of a new Twisted Metal, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and Resistance 3.

What we think we know

Sony doesn’t just sell games and systems. They also sell TVs. That in mind, we’ll see more support for 3D TVs in almost every release. They’ve gotten flack for just tacking it on in games, and they’re out to prove that it’s a thing people want. We also expect anything simple they can do to make fans happy, as they’ll still be crawling back from the PR nightmare that was the PlayStation Network data breach and subsequent outage.

What we want to know

We haven’t seen the second generation of games for the PlayStation Move peripheral. Will we? It’s make-or-break time for the Move, and we’ll see either a full push or radio silence. Mostly, though, this will be the NGP show, and just like the 3DS, there’s a difference between the games in development and the games available at launch. What will the holiday season lineup look like? More importantly, will this device launch at a reasonable price?

We’ll know for sure next week, as we keep you informed from L.A. Let us know what you want to know about!