Gamestop Wii Raincheck A Flop?

December 21, 2007

I personally thought the idea of a guaranteed Wii within the next month was a pretty good one considering those little buggers are nowhere to be found. Apparently I was the only that thought so.

Today is the day that you can go into Gamestop and lay down the full purchase price for a Wii in exchange for a voucher that guarantees you a console sometime in January. While I do think the full price is a little steep, I figured tons of eager parents would jump on this idea. I was wrong.

I called up a few local stores to see how things had fared so far today. One store still had 14 of its 18 Rainchecks. The other store still had it’s full allocation. In fact, my mother was the first one to purchase one at noon.

Given the massive price gouging going on for a Wii, I figured there would be a big turnout for these rainchecks, but it appears that was not the case.