Gaming 411!

June 10, 2005

Most of you already know that GTA San Andreas is out for the Xbox. If you guys have been waiting for that title to come out for the best console system on the planet, then run to your nearest EB Games to get your copy. New pics of the remaining Halo 2 maps are all over the place, the Halo 2 Map Pack has been pushed forward to July 5th. That does not surprise me one bit, Halo 2 is milking it for all it can!

Speaking of Halo, a script has been written for the upcoming movie project. Writer of 28 Days Later Alex Garland was tasked with the assignment. Microsoft is searching for a studio that would be willing in making this monster of a movie. I have my doubts, but we will see!

And on a side note, since Pickle and Cone are out running around. I will be running this joint! And well, as much as I would love to giveaway something to you guys, unfortunately I don’t have anything interesting. But I will throw this out! If your in the San Antonio area, I along with other gamers will be getting some great Battlefield 2 in this weekend at [url=]XG[/url]. From what I have been hearing is that the demo is due out today sometime for download. So if your not in the area, catch us on Teamspeak by posting in the Battlefield 2 forums when you will be playing.

If you have not stopped by our sister site please do so and give us a holler. [url=]Moviethunder[/url] is a great site to sound off about movies. Just like Snackbar, (except movies) Moviethunder is a community of movie lovers of all kind to hangout and soundoff. I hope all of you have an outstanding weekend!