Hero Contest…its over

October 8, 2004

We may have gotten ourselves in over our heads a bit here. We had no idea in any way shape or form that we would get a great response like this. The entries were amazing, I mean as a roleplayer myself, I was very impressed with some of you. Some will stay with me forever like the Cockmaster (thanks Wampa!) but I would love to clear some time to RP with some of the characters that were created during the contest. Now it was tough because not many of you gave your characters a balance, they were either unstoppable or just gods in themselves, which is cool, but I was looking for that extra depth.

Mad props to all entered but the winner is the Hero Blake, though I do not know what the forum name is, but we have your email addy and we will send you a congrats and get your info down so you can get the prize. I will also send in the bio to Royce Stewart so he can get going on that illustration. Congrats man!

Mad mad props also to Numos of our forums, who came in a very very close second