October 5, 2004

Uh, well I could go on about how terrible Kinkos customer service is, in almost any location I have ever been to. But I am so livid that I have hit a tranquil livid, and I dont want to bother getting into it.

So please do not go to Kinkos, tell your friends to never go there. I mean its really that cut and dry, I wish I could dedicate a website to the cause or print fliers but I dont want to waste my time, so in fact nothing will really change but at least I did something. Which kind of soothes the my suffering. Kinda.

Seriously though, dont go. Do not go to Kinkos. You all catch that? Kinkos, the print place? Dont go. I cant tell you where to go to take care of your print needs but dont give them business, dont do it, just uh, well I dont know, just dont go to Kinkos.