Microsoft considering new Xbox 360 controller?

June 29, 2006

Peter Moore has been discussing the possibility of a new controller for the 360, claiming that the number of sticks and buttons is confusing. I’d argue that it’s the standard and it’s easy to make a simple game that doesn’t use all the controls (see: any Live Arcade game). Then again, he says his daughter has trouble with the controls for PGR3, and she’s 14. I would worry about her mental development. He also makes some positive references to the Wii controller, which he has been doing for a while.

I personally love the 360 pad. It reminds me of an update of my beloved Dreamcast pad, and all the buttons seem to be easy to get to (unlike the Duke or the S). I originally even bought the USB one for my PC, only to be dissapointed by the horrible, horrible drivers. I’d even go so far as to say it’s my favorite pad of any system I own right now, but that’s just me.

[url=]Moore hints at plans for new Xbox 360 controller[/url] (