Molyneux Asks Reviewers to Go Easy on Fable II

October 8, 2008

Peter Molyneux asks, in a letter to Variety magazine, that reviewers look at his game through the eyes of a non-gamer and ignore the lack of his much-touted cooperative play.

To focus on the second point, if cooperative play is so vital to the Fable II experience and is already slated to be added soon after launch why not just delay the game by 1 or 2 weeks so that the coop patch is live when gamers all over the world slip Fable II into their 360s for the first time?

Games don’t get a free pass. What Molyneux is asking is essentially the same as if Peter Jackson had said “oh please don’t review The Fellowship of the Ring until you’ve seen The Two Towers and The Return of the King as well. They are all vital parts of the LotR experience.” That may very well be, but you’ve released a product, and we should review it as I’m able to experience it, warts and all. I’m sure that games outlets will also be sure to tell people when coop is ready.

Maybe this will teach Molyneux not to run his mouth before he is certain a feature is going to make it into the game on time for release (I doubt it).