Nintendo Cracks down on Piracy

November 1, 2004

We have all seen the all in one devices sold at mall kiosks that boast 1000 Nintendo games inside. You probably also know that these are not licensed Nintendo products and fall under the umbrella of piracy. One of the malls here in town has 2 of these kiosks and I know forum members here have reported seeing these items and even being given one as a gift.

While I thought that Nintendo’s silence on the subject seemed like it didn’t care, they were apparently getting poised to lay the smack down. Nintendo has filed a suit against 2 compaines and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington has issued a temporary restraining order against the import and sale of video game systems containing counterfeit versions of Nintendo games. The is all taking place in Washington, but you can rest assured they will move across the country and take care of all the offending parties. Way to go Nintendo.