Nintendo on top for the month

December 3, 2003

Nintendo sold over 500,000 Gamecubes during the Thanksgiving weekend, a figure only eclipsed by the 600,000 GBAs that flew off store shelves. Not to be outdone, Sony came out and announced that they sold over 1 Million PS2s during the month of November. If you read the long and carefully worded original Press Release you will notice that:

Consumers in the days following Thanksgiving purchased the PlayStation family of products for those on their holiday lists more than any other gaming entertainment hardware and software.

I love how Sony just can’t stand to be anything other than number 1 even if it means rewording that until they are on top. “PlayStation family of products” includes hardware and software for PS1 and PS2 I assume. Oh well.

Anything news that shows Nintendo moving up in the ranks is ok by me.