Oh Six! New Crew Member!

January 3, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to be the official announcer of our news for 2006. Many of you know that DRE and Snackbar have joined up, along with our new writing staff, we have a new face and crew member here at Snackbar. Our boy Wayne is now going to be the main page persona at Snackbar Games. You will see that beautiful grill plastered all over the orange background. Wayne is a great guy, and we expect awesome things from him contributing to this website. We also expect amazing things from our plethora of new writers, which means more content for you, and less writing for me, heh.

On the Podcast front, Pretz and myself are trying to innovate how news, and information is brought to you the end user. We are toying with all sorts of formats, possibly new shows, and more man on the street takes. So stay tuned for that, send in your emails, and be heard on the community podcast that is Snackbar Games.