One of those weeks

December 21, 2004

Yes, it has been one of those weeks. It only makes sense that the week of Christmas everything has to break and go wrong at work. Nonetheless I have a few bits of news that kind of set me off.

First, everyone knows that EA bought off the NFL and while that has stirred up a storm of controversy, they [url=]tried to buy off the NBA[/url] as well. Too bad the EA Live series isn’t as dominant as the Madden series or it might be the only one. Luckily, the NBA rejected the offer. What other sports could EA be looking to lock into long term contracts? I expect all of them.

The second thing I want to rant about is “The Guy Game”. Apparently one of the co-eds they snapped a picture of while on Spring Break in Austin [url=]was only 17[/url]. Oops. I am all down for freedoms that enable developers to make games like this, but goodness guys. Our industry gets enough bad press without us generating anymore. The Austin based developer of the game is getting sued over the picture.

Also, you PSP fans may want to check out IGN’s [url=]guide on the PSP Battery Life[/url]. Times ranged from a mere 2 hours and 46 minutes while playing over the built in WiFi to a decent 10 hours and 39 minutes when acting as a music device with the screen off. I would expect that most of you using the screen at full brightness, speakers, and no WiFi would see about 3.5-4 hours of life.