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June 7, 2004

Since the big dog is out on vacation, I will try and see if I can provide you folks with some kind of gaming news. Due to budget problems, which consist of not compensating employees for insurance and proper wages, the State of California placed a $179,000 fine on Interplay. Interplay has officially closed its offices in California for the time being. CEO for Interplay Herve Caen has stated that Interplay will still be operational.

Toyota is offering a full demo of Gran Turismo 4 at The only catch is, you must request information on their Hybrid vehicle The Toyota Prius. Of course be prepared to fill out a ton of stuff online and recieve a library of brochures and other Toyota stuff.

This does not surprise me one bit. This years upcoming Quakecon will not host or even demo the new upcoming Quake IV. WOW!! Didn’t see that coming, considering that the game has been in development for the past century. Raven software is still not confident in publicly showing any progress on the upcoming title Quake IV. I guess they will just do with playing their out of date Quake III.