SCEA outlines Q1 PSP lineup

January 13, 2006

The PSP was slated to be a powerhouse in the handheld arena. While that hasn’t fully panned out like Sony would have liked it does have some solid titles. The PSP just lacks frequent titles needed to keep the system a hot item. With that said, SCEA has unveiled their first quarter lineup for the system and it has some pretty solid titles on the horizon.

[i]Ape Escape Academy[/i] should be out next week with [i]Neopets Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing[/i] coming in late February. This will transition into a heavy schedule in March with the following titles dropping then: [i]Pursuit Force[/i], [i]Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror[/i], [i]MLB 06 The Show[/i], and [i]Daxter[/i].

I knew it was only a matter of time before Sony took one of my favorite franchises to the PSP in an effort to tempt me. I am referring to Daxter in case you aren’t aware of my love affair with Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.

Source: [url=]Gamespot[/url]