The Greatest Release Party

November 9, 2004

Even the morning after what I would say was one of the more memorable things I have done in recent years, it is hard to believe that it finally happened. We have been waiting for Halo 2 for long enough and the wait is finally over. I am also pretty sure that many many people across the country have come down with an acute case of Halo-itis and will need to miss the next few days of work to recover.

We have tons of photos that we are going to put together with a brief write-up on the event. You can look for that by the end of the week. I want to thank everyone for coming out because we had a blast. Domino’s hooked us up with some pizza and we had prizes out the wazoo to give away. I got my copy of the game about 1:30am which isn’t a bad turnaround for doing 300 or so transactions.

Given that I have a day job I had about enough time to pop the game in, dual wield some guns and take out some elites and then it was off to dreamland for me. I will give you my thoughts on it when I get a chance to really sit down and play it. We are going to do a kind of team review of the game and hopefully that will be online in a few days as well.

Thanks to everyone at EB Games Huebner for allowing us to setup shop and promote the site and thanks to Fox News and the Express News for interviewing us. If you want to catch the segment on Fox News then tune in tonight at 9pm.