The Return

June 14, 2004

So we are back at home after a very long vacation and I am glad to be back. It was nice being offline for an entire week though. I forget how much of my time is spent doing online related activities. I filled that gap with trips to the magical kingdom they call Disneyland and if any of you were there you may have seen me sporting my Snackbar Games shirt. At any rate, the much needed break was well spent and I feel refreshed. Did I mention that I scored a Classic NES GBASP and joined the rank and file of mobile gamers everywhere? I spent way too much time playing Legend of Zelda though and I am loving it. It took me a few minutes to stop moving the control all over the place when I played though. Fun stuff this mobile gaming is.

I notice that Pickle tried to turn the site “Green” while I was gone. After the antics that almost ensued while I was on my honeymoon, does he think I am going to leave it wide open for him to modify while I am on vacation? I think not.