Preview: Memoria aims to learn from lessons past

July 7, 2013


With The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, Daedalic took on a darker bent with its point-and-click adventure game style. In Memoria, Daedalic returns to the land of Adventuria, with a sequel that will feature two protagonists separated by 500 years.

What it is: Memoria follows the story of Sadja, a princess who wants to make her mark on history as the greatest hero ever, and Geron, who 500 years later is reading about a long-forgotten princess who failed in her quest to become a great hero. The story is split into chapters, with each one switching your perspective on the story between the two. The story itself will, appropriately, explore themes of memories and legacies.

Why we’re excited: The art in Memoria is spectacular, particularly the vistas, and the puzzles we saw seem complex without looking obtuse. Additionally, while Daedalic has proved itself with more comedic adventure games, the developers of Memoria are very excited to work in a more fantasy-oriented atmosphere and it shows.

What we’re wondering: As usual for Daedalic games, our largest worry is in regards to how obtuse the puzzles may get, since Daedalic has a tendency to not fully make clear what needs to be done at times. We also wonder just how compelling the story can be, when playing half the game as a princess whose story we already know fails in her quest.


There’s no release date set for Memoria yet, but expect it in the near future on PC.