Preview: Tank! Tank! Tank! also has fourth tank, monster

October 20, 2012

Namco Bandai’s Tank! Tank! Tank! has a silly name. Our issue with it, though, is that it’s inaccurate. There are four tanks, you know? And the Wii U version adds a mode in which a player can also control a big monster. But we guess Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank! Sometimes Monster! isn’t quite as catchy.

What it is: An adaptation of an arcade game with an enormous four-player cabinet, Tank! Tank! Tank! lets you and three friends take control of tanks in a city landscape. You can fight against each other or split into teams, but the most notable mode is an Earth Defense Force-meets-party game setup in which you shoot monster-like robots as a team. Whatever the mode, it’s a frantic dash to grab super-powerful weapons and avoid shots from others.

Why we’re excited: The arcade game is a blast with three friends, and playing it without paying per session definitely has some appeal. It retains its silly taking-pictures-of-you mode from the arcade, using the GamePad’s camera functionality, and despite being a game in which you blow things up with tanks, it’s rather cheery. Also, the new four-on-one monster battle mode could be really enjoyable if balanced correctly.

What we’re wondering: Is the game going to have a staying power as a retail title? It’s certainly not pushing the system’s graphical capabilities, and we haven’t seen anything reminiscent of a single-player campaign. The time we have been able to play has been largely relegated to solo play, and it’s simply not very fun alone. (At that point, just go play EDF.) But if there are unlockables and interesting scenarios in place, that could definitely change.


Tank! Tank! Tank! is slated for a launch day Wii U release.