Medal of Honor Series Updates

March 10, 2003

Yes folks the rumors are true, EA Games has released a slue of titles for the Medal of Honor series for all platforms. EA released the title of two games for the PC, MOH Allied Assault Expansion Pack 2, and MOH Pacific Assault both games have not been given a release date as of yet. Earlier this past Monday, EA announced the release of MOH Rising Sun due this coming fall for the Xbox, PS2, and GC. This game will take place in the pacific theater of World War II and will continue to its sequel in 2004.

EA reps expressed the desire to move on into the war to give players a wide range of diversity in game play. EA felt that it was time to move from the European Theater and move towards the Pacific for a different adventure. Rising Sun will have an enhanced multiplayer mode compared to its MOH Frontline multiplayer. Rising sun will have team play, deathmatch, and also cooperative play during the missions. EA is beginning Rising Sun with a pivotal point of the war. Instead of Omaha Beach like in Frontline, you will go through the invasion of Pearl Harbor. Marine Corporal Joe Griffin experiences the invasion of Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Singapore, Burma, and the Philippine Islands. You also begin the missions with your brother who you fight with side by side until battle separates the both of you. The search of your brother will take you to the sequel of Rising Sun. With new weapons, missions, cinematics, and game play, I am excited about what EA is going to do with the MOH series. Here are some of the rough screenshots and artwork developers displayed at the EA conference: