Luigi’s Mansion

June 24, 2003

Dark rooms, scary thunder storms, long spooky hallways, rats that chase after you, ghosts…no I’m not talking about Fatal Frame. I am talking about Luigi’s Mansion. Not to mention vacuums with the power to suck up ghosts, a little mad scientist guy, and, oh yeah, Toad is back too.

Luigi’s Mansion was one of the launch titles for the Gamecube. You may then ask yourself, why Dots, if the game is so old, are you reviewing it now? Well, I just played it and it is new to me. I am only recently a Gamecube owner. Paired with the fact that there is really nothing new out there that I want to play or review. SO, with that out of the way, I give you the Luigi’s Mansion Review!!!

I will start this review with a brief history about my relationship with Luigi. It all started with the original Mario Bros. game. I always played Mario and made my younger sister play second player, thus, she was always Luigi. She would get mad because I A