Week in Review – 10/27/03

November 3, 2003

Hello to all my fellow Snackbarians out there in gaming land. It’s me, your host with most, Pretzel giving you a quick rewind of last weeks events in the gamin world. Before we get started let me extend a huge congratulations to Glokkpodd84 for winning our messy gaming area contest. If you’re interested in winning some cool stuff here at Snackbar, then stay tuned in to our forums for the next big contest. Who knows Pickle might throw in a free lap dance!

The entire gaming industry is gearing up for a huge holiday season this year as shoppers start getting their wish lists prepared. This past week was a huge week for gaming with a great titles being release on all consoles. I for one had the opportunity of getting a copy of Rainbow Six 3 for the Xbox, as well as securing a copy of Call of Duty for PC. Along those lines Tony Hawk Underground, WWE Smackdown: Here comes the Pain, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Rogue Ops, Gladius, Kill.switch, and Final Fantasy XI were all released this past week. I’m sure I left some titles out, but hey there’s so much coming out right now.

In other gaming news, Microsoft has added some more content download for the crazy driving title Midtown Madness 3. In this edition of the download you are given new car packages and models, new tracks and bonus material. Xbox hit it big time in Europe, releasing their Xbox bundle for 139.99 Euro duckets. That bundle comes with an Xbox, two months free of Xbox live, Halo, and Midtown Madness 3. WOW!! What a deal! So you UK gamers make sure you put that down on your wishlist for this holiday season.

With the release of a huge amount of games this week, the big title on deck is the long awaited True Crime: Streets of L.A. With so many people awaiting this title since the dissatisfying release of GTA:Vice City, many gamers are expecting a lot from this title, I found out through my investigative reporting, that True Crime will have a Snoop Dogg playable character. His character will be rolling in a Snoppdeville, looking for some thugs to push around. So I’m sure that’s a little extra bonus feature that this game will have along with the many others.

Expect titles such as True Crime, Mario Kart:Double Dash, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, and many more to hit stores this month. Along with many new games expect the PS2 Eye Toy to hit stores soon as well. The Eye Toy is a new peripheral that uses motion tracking to place the gamer IN the game while allowing a certain level of interaction. Console peripherals don’t generally generate blockbuster sales so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Something that I have awaited a long time to get has been none other than the action figures of Master Chief himself. Bungie is set to release two models of Master Chief, one green (equipped with a Rocket Launcher), and red (equipped with a shotgun), an Elite soldier, and a ghost vehicle this week. Trust me folks this is something that is going to rule, you can purchase these models at your nearest EB Games store, or online at bungie.net.

In Snackbar news, Cone has been ripping it up with V2. I myself am thankful to have someone so dedicated to this site like Cone. He really cares about you the regular gamer, and wants to be able to give everyone a great community to hang out and have a great time. I also want to give a great big shout out to Pickl , and Dots for working hard to keep this site going. Also, I would like to thank EB Games Huebner for always hanging out here, and giving us a great place to buy games. And finally, I would like to thank the you, the gamer (Snackbarians), for staying faithful to us, chillin with us and hanging out. Without you this place would be nothing. Want to give a quick reminder that Matrix: Revolutions will be out this Wednesday, make sure you guys check out because I’m planning on seeing it like 3 times that day. Peace out!