Nyko Charge Station 360

September 4, 2007

In addition to the Power Kit 360, which provides an online charging ability, Nyko also has an offline rechargeable solution in the form of the Charge Station 360.

The Charge Station 360 comes packed with 2 NiMH batteries and a charging station. The charging station plugs into a standard wall outlet and has room for 2 rechargeable batteries along with LED indicators to let you know the status of each battery.

Like the Power Kit 360, these NiMH batteries provide 25 hours of gameplay between charges. The battery has to be removed to be charged, but this is not an issue as the kit comes with 2 batteries–just swap batteries and charge one while you play using the other.

Physically, the batteries that come with the Charge Station 360 are a little different than first party batteries or the ones that come with the Power Kit 360. This helps tell them apart should you own this in conjunction with another power solution. I haven’t been able to confirm if these batteries are able to be charged via a Play and Charge solution or vice versa.

Price wise, the Charge Station 360 comes in at roughly twice the price of the Power Kit 360 at $29.99. The higher price is justified by the inclusion of 2 batteries and an actual charge station (instead of simply a USB charging cable).

The Charge Station 360 is another great offering from our friends at Nyko and will serve your needs well. If you prefer online charging capabilities or price is a concern, the Charge Station isn’t for you, but if you don’t mind the offline charging then it’s the perfect solution.

Score: 5/5

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