WP7 Roundup: Revolution, Parachute Panic

July 4, 2011

In WP7 Roundup, we review the latest games on the burgeoning Windows Phone 7 platform. This time, we’re looking at two titles: one with puzzles and the other with parachutes.

Revolution: Puzzle games are on almost every phone these days, but figuring out which ones are the best can be hard. On WP7,  Revolution is a great place to start. The game has you moving gears around the screen, with your finger of course. Your goal is to get all of the gears on screen to move. Like most puzzle games, the 75 levels start out extremely easy and get progressively harder as you continue playing. By the time you get to level 60, you’re almost ready to pull your hair out. It’s still fun, and it’s a game that has you actually thinking as you play.

Revolution has very simplistic visuals and only one music track, but you can play your own music while playing the game. With great controls, even better gameplay, leaderboards and level stats, it’s a game you need to check out. 4/5

Parachute Panic: This game sports an audiovisual style that you don’t see everyday. All you have to do is guide the skydivers safely to a boat. While you’re doing that, you will encounter helicopters, storm clouds, and even a UFO. You tap to destroy obstacles and open parachutes, and you drag to guide your divers around.

Although the game is very easy to play and control, the music is by far its standout feature,  and you’ll notice it right when you start up the game. Either at the main menu, in the game, or after you finish, you’ll hear some sweet tunes that are sure to make you smile. Menus are also very clean, and leaderboards extend its replay value. Parachute Panic is a game almost every gamer can enjoy playing on a Windows Phone 7 device. 5/5