March 2004

GameRiot in Austin

March 29, 2004

The GameRiot tour is set to hit Austin, TX tomorrow. This is an event you don’t want to miss. It will be taking place at La Zona Rosa. Tickets are available on the GameRiot website.

For all of you looking to pick up an Xbox, the drop to $149 is effective tomorrow. I also got word that Fye stores will have a $30 rebate to take that price to $119 so you might want to check there first. In the very near future you will also be able to purchase the Halo Xbox bundle for about $169 so keep your eyes peeled for that as EB should be taking preorders for a very short time.

It appears that IL made good on their claims to file a suit against HardOCP in response to the article they posted last year. One has to wonder what IL hopes will happen in the end since we sure as hell know they aren’t going to win the suit. This should be a short lived suit.

Pic’s world!

March 27, 2004

Not so much gaming news, but this weekend I will be at the Creative Summit at Texas State University. Stefan Sagmeister and Hillman Curtis two of my favorite designer’s and infulences will be speaking at the conference. So yes I will be star struck, and yes I hope to go and soak in all the inspiration I can. I only hope one day as a designer I have a kid like me looking at me like I look to these two great artists. In all honesty, thats all I want in life.

In stillness true inspiration can be found. – Mike Carabajal

Cone Jr. Update

March 25, 2004

Due to toxemia/pre-eclampsia Dots just got admitted to the hospital where she will remain until the baby comes. Her Dr. will decide tomorrow morning if they are going to induce early. Details as they happen.