April 2004

Awesome. Koei is bringing out Samurai Warriors for Xbox this summer. I was afraid it would be a long time before this game hit the Xbox, but it appears Koei came to their senses about it.

Source: Gamespot

Kingdom Hearts II

April 30, 2004

EB has a page up now for Kingdom Hearts 2 along with a ship date of 12/30/2004. I thought we were getting this game earlier than December….

Halo Xbox Giveaway

April 30, 2004

Steve from HardOCP is giving away 5 Halo Xbox bundles over the next 5 days. You can enter the contest one time a day here.

Gaming Giveaways

April 29, 2004

I wanted to bring 2 things to your attention today and they are related so pay attention. First of all, I want to start giving away games, gift cards, and schwag on a very regular basis. I would love to give something away every 2-4 weeks or even every week. Unfortunately, I am not made of money so I can’t afford to just spring for lots of things to give away on the site. This is where you come in. At the end of every review we have online, there is now a link back to EBGames.com. If you are going to purchase that game, please do so using our link. I also setup a thread with links to many other retailers.

All of these links are setup via affiliate programs so we get a percentage of the sale as a kickback for the referral. If there is a retailer you frequent that isn’t listed, let me know and I will add it. The role you play is this, the more money we bring in, the more giveaways we have. If we bring in $50 next week, I will give away $50 worth of prizes. The overhead for this site is very low and I am committed to keeping it ad free, which is why there is a thread with all of the affiliate links instead of them being plastered all over the site. I also want the community of this website to get something back in exchange for being a regular visitor.

I really want to give away some big prizes, so please click the links when you are going to purchase something online.

The 2nd thing is that next to the EBGames link on the reviews pages, you will see a link back to NumbThumb.com. NumbThumb is a Netflix style game rental service based here in South Texas so you have turn-around times that are well beyond all the other game rental services. I personally use NumbThumb and I encourage anyone w/ a tight budget that can’t afford $50 for a game to give it a look. We also have a banner for them right below our site navigation.

Transformers Demo

April 27, 2004

Atari is offering a free demo of the upcoming Transformers game. Fill out the online form and it will be shipped out soon.

Source: CAG