May 2004


May 31, 2004

From the entire Snackbar Crew, we want to say thank you to all of the brave soldiers who are fighting on the dark corners of the globe. We also want to remember all of the Veterans and fallen soldiers who fought serving our country. God Bless You All!!

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May 31, 2004

About games, about stupid crap, it dont really matter but meet us online at our teamspeak server. We have a hang out section where you dont have to be playing a game to just hang out and yap about stuff. Trust me its loads of fun:

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You’re the man now dog!

I know many of you prefer the trigger feel of the Japanese Xbox S controllers and Amazon has them on sale today for $19.99 so if you want one, today would be a great day to get it. Orders $25+ get free shipping.

There is an interesting article on CNN that discusses the possibility that MS will release a hybrid Xbox/PC shortly after the Xbox 2 is ready sometime next year. The games would be fully playable on both systems. This would definitely bury the Phantom. Infinium who?


May 27, 2004

Seems like LIVE is extending itself to MSN Messenger. A new update for Xbox LIVE will integrate MSN Messenger within your Xbox LIVE account. MSN Messenger will allow you to see your friends list on LIVE and who is gaming. It will give you alert updates, and game invites. The alerts will also be sent to any of your mobile devices that have MSN capabilities, email, or anything MSN. If you want more info check out