October 2004

Right on with what Cone said, we surf other game sites as well and are big fans of some in particular. We know what is annoying, and try to avoid things like the in-between page ads and stupid shit like that.

On a community vibe we have a new Lineage II community, the Spawns of Satan. They love bunny rabbits and cute things.

If you want a forum space or are interested in some clan work, be it shirts, a website, web space, or a forum just ask and we will do what we can for ya.

Contests and Spam

October 26, 2004

A question was raised by a forum member on one of the forums that I promoted the GTA Giveaway on. He wanted to know what we did with your email addresses after the contest and mentioned telemarketing/spam. I want to reiterate that it will be a frozen day in hell (man that was a bad pun) before I sell any information collected on this site for any reason. I am not interested in selling out the community or readers of this site so don’t worry about it. We do have a [url=http://www.snackbar-games.com/privacy.php]privacy policy[/url] online if you would like to read it, but in summary it says we won’t do anything that sucks.

We are not some corporate site that makes money off selling info. We are gamers too and we are visitors of other sites and the fear of being sold out is there for us too. Many of you know me and know I would never do anything like that, but for those of you that are new around here I just wanted to take a moment and let you know my thoughts on that topic.

GTA Giveaway

October 26, 2004

We have a new giveaway online as well as a new announcements portion of the site. You can probably see it above this news post. There will not always be something in that space, but for certain things like this GTA contest, it really helps if we make the entry process much easier. Pickle is going to rework the headers that I created in a hurry this morning. The new ones should be online tonight or tomorrow.

At any rate, enter yourself in the GTA contest and if I wasn’t clear, this is GTA:SA for PS2.

Over the course of its rise in the hearts and minds of today’s youth, the A

Pic stuff

October 24, 2004

This weekend has been cool. We expanded our community beyond gaming of sorts. You know we set out to make a community and I am so proud of what we have done, this weekend we went paintballing and everyone had a blast. The word is spreading and more will come I know it.

Anyways I have been sitting on three reviews for the site, I have always been a little put off-ish about writing reviews so I really have to sack up to get one, I dont consider myself as good a writer as Cone, and Dots leaves us all in the dust. However I get emails that say review this and that so I have to do what I have to do, for the people *puts hand over heart*

Anyways have a good weekend go Cowboys!