March 2005


March 29, 2005

As a veritable “computer geek” people often laugh and point when I tell them that my home machine is dragging along at 1.2GHz. Some things can’t be helped though. I really hate the thought of doing this, but I am going to do it anyway. I am looking for a new machine. Something that you can actually still buy new would be a good start.

What I am proposing is that if you run a computer store or sell parts or whatever or even know someone who does that is looking for an even trade for ad space, get in touch with me. I would love to find a really solid shop that we could fully endorse like we do with EB Huebner, but I don’t exactly buy parts for my computer with any type of regularity.

So there, I put that out there in the event that someone is interested and wants to hook me. If someone from Dell reads this, a 24″ LCD would also be [i]rad[/i].

Chaos Theory

March 29, 2005

This is one hell of a video game, and the graphics, oh my god you have to see to believe. The crew will be getting down on some Co Op and some multiplayer tonight. Great time to check the Gamertag directory on SB to find some friends.

Do it! DO IT! I’m sure Pretz will do the review, but man this game sings.

Sony’s new PSP seems to be the system of choice for reviving an old series, and Twisted Metal is certainly a series in need of rejuvenation. After hitting its peak with Twisted Metal 2, the series rock-bottomed with the subsequent sequel. Some redemption was found in Twisted Metal Black for the PS2, but that was more of a dark re-imagining of the series than a genuine return to form. Luckily, Twisted Metal: Head On has now arrived, and fans are likely to receive it as a breath of fresh exhaust fumes. It returns to the light-hearted art and gameplay style of Twisted Metal 2, and it even includes a few levels from that game. Updating old franchises for newer generations can be a dicey proposition, but Head-On succeeds by adding enough new content to make the trip worthwhile.

If you’ve played Twisted Metal, the concept shouldn’t be anything new to you. Vehicular deathmatch is the best way to describe it. Twisted Metal takes the Demolition Derby concept and adds guns, rockets, upgrades, and undead bikers. The gameplay formula isn’t anything special, but it’s a lot of fun in practice. Players can choose between ten classic characters at the outset, and there are also a few more hidden within the game. Head-On looks and plays great on the PSP, though it is a bit difficult to get used to. The analog stick is very sensitive, and this leads to a bit of a learning curve for controlling the vehicles. After a few matches, though, you should be able to exercise the right amount of pressure on each turn and dominate the competition. The graphics look fantastic, complete with awe-inspiring weapon effects and great-looking levelsA

Darkstalkers Chronicle is a bit of an oddball in the PSP launch line-up. Sharing shelf space with the latest and greatest in portable 3D gaming, this beefed-up port of a four-and-a-half year old 2D Dreamcast game certainly stands out. Normally, this sort of dichotomy just wouldn’t make sense, but the Darkstalkers series has a fervent fan base that will consider its launch availability a big plus for Sony’s new handheld. The series was never a mainstream hitA

Front Page Changes

March 28, 2005

If I could direct your attention to the right side of the page under the feature story (currently the Tsunami thing) you will now see that we have nixed the Wall of Shame and Choice Awards. In their place you will see the most recent press releases that I have posted in the forums as well as the most recently active topics in the forum. Enjoy.