June 2006

Darkstar One, which seems to be a space exploration/trading game like the X series, has just released a new demo. If you are curious and have the time, go check it out!

The DarkStar One demo is available from the following mirrors –

– WorthPlaying

– 3D Gamers

– GameDaily

– GamersHell

– GameZone

Dell is selling Xbox 360s cheap and has discounts on games and accessories, too.

[url=http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/xbox-360/xbox-360-for-350-184609.php]Xbox 360 for $350[/url] (Kotaku)

Sony is being forced to cough up some vast sums of back taxes to the Japanese government. This really can’t help their financial health. This is espescially bad after they just had to pay some serious back taxes on the PS2 in the UK.

[url=http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/japan/sony-to-pay-243m-in-japanese-back-taxes-184535.php]Sony To Pay $243M in Japanese Back Taxes[/url]

Gamasutra has interviewed Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island Fame on his feeling about the state of the games industry currently. He makes a lot of nice comparisons with the movie industry, and shares some of his insight from his experience with Humongous Entertainment and Cavedog.

There’s some great stuff in there, although I do see a bit of the classic “I don’t like this sort of game so therefore it sucks” mentality so common to us gamers. On the whole you should read it just for his take on small budget/india games and films.

[url=http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20060630/murdey_01.shtml]The Grumpy Gamer Speaks[/url] (Gamasutra)

How can you celebrate the independence of the US on Tuesday (or not, for you out-of-towners)? Apparently you may want to do it with old games. Let’s take a look, shall we?

[b]Ultimate Board Game Classics – Playstation 2[/b]
Look, I know I use my $550+ Xbox 360 rig (had ta get the wireless thing, you see) to play Uno, but come on. I don’t think this even has online play. If you’re too lazy to set up a nice game of Backgammon, you may die trying to get to the store for this.

[b]Battle for Middle Earth II – Xbox 360[/b]
I guess if you are really hurting for a console RTS, this may be what you need. It’s certainly the least terrible game on my list today. I’m more of a mouse person when it comes to these, though.

[b]Budget Game Bonanza – PC[/b]
I was looking through the PC list and I ran out of jokes about $20 games. Fortunately my failure to get Titan Quest leaves me something to look forward to next week.

[b]More Pirates of the Carribean – Various[/b]

It’s the middle of summer. What did I expect? Even my sarcasm can’t hold out during this drought. Maybe it’s life’s little way of letting our budgets recuperate or telling us to go outside. Or maybe you need to hit up some used games?