February 2009

BioWare and Dark Horse Comics have released the first issue in a bi-monthly series that features the backstory behind Star Wars: The Old Republic. Writing is handled by BioWare’s own Rob Chestney with illustrations by JSA Classified‘s Alex Sanchez. Check out the first issue here.

It’s a big announcement day for Nintendo. In addition to the massive release list below, the Big N announced the Classic Controller Pro for Japan. The new controller essentially allows for hand grips and larger shoulder buttons.

Does that make it worth a purchase for you?

Usually, when a company announces the upcoming release schedule, the only real news is a specific release date or two. This one’s a bit different. In addition to putting a date on Punch-Out!!! (May 18) and New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (May 4), the company also announced a U.S. release for The Legendary Starfy, a long-running Japan-only portable platformer series, as well as a completely new Wii title, Excitebots: Trick Racing.

There’s a lot more after the break in Nintendo’s release. (No kidding.) Check it out. READ MORE

Valve has released a patch for Left 4 Dead which addressed a number of exploits and game balance issues in both the single-player and versus modes. Expect the update when you boot up the game and are logged into Xbox Live. Check out the full list of fixes after the break. READ MORE

Capcom’s Xbox 360 blockbuster, Dead Rising, has finally made it’s way to the Wii in the form of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop and has shipped to retail today. Chop Till You Drop takes advantage of the same technology that brought Resident Evil 4 to the Wii and features a more immersive gaming experience as gamers utilize the Wii Remote as their weapon of choice to shoot, slash, and bash their way through hordes of zombies.

Chop Till You Drop is rated M and is priced at $39.99