April 2009

EA announced today that for the first time ever 2 athletes would grace the cover of Madden NFL. This year’s cover athletes come in the form of Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The players were selected because they are excellent examples of the epic battles between offense and defense in the NFL. READ MORE

The rumors are true. Tt Games and Harmonix have teamed up to create a version of Rock Band based on the popular plastic blocks. LEGO Rock Band will have a family-friendly song list, customizable avatars and compatibility with “all” Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals.

The game is set to release on the PS3, 360, Wii and DS.

Starting in May, Microsoft is going to be selling a new bundle, the Game of the Year Bundle. The Bundle features an Xbox 360 Elite console with a copy of Fable II and a copy of Halo 3… all for $399. The same $399 pricepoint that a normal Elite will set you back plus 2 free games.

The bundle will be available in all regions that the Xbox 360 is sold except Europe.

Harmonix and MTV Games announced a new 7 song pack featuring some of the biggest hits from Styx and REO Speedwagon. A 3 song pack from Hautewerk is also going to be available.

The song pack includes a new collaborative song called “Can’t Stop Rockin'” which was recorded in anticipation for their tour of the same name.

Keep reading for the full track listing and pricing. READ MORE

Everyone is well aware of how well Nintendo is doing and their March hardware sales just serve to drive the point home. The Wii sold a total of just over 600,000 units while the DS sold over 500,000 units. What makes that number even more impressive is that the DSi debuted on April 5th meaning that there was undoubtedly a large number of consumers holding out for the DSi.

In addition, Nintendo had 4 first party titles finishing in the top 10.

  • 2. Pokemon Platinum (805,000)
  • 3. Wii Fit (541,000)
  • 8. Wii Play (281,000)
  • 9. Mario Kart Wii (278,000)

Nintendo continues to remain strong and single handedly keep the industry on a positive sales track.