June 2011

Cole McGrath can’t catch a break. After finishing off Kessler at the end of inFamous, he found out that this villain was just the beginning, and a greater threat called The Beast would be coming to destroy the world. Little did he think The Beast would strike so soon. READ MORE

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a big game. This is by design; 38 Studios chief Curt Schilling brought in who he could, picking up developer Big Huge Games to realize a world created by R.A. Salvatore and envisioned by Todd McFarlane. The game’s set in a fantasy world, and it features many gameplay aspects you’ve seen in games like Dragon Age, Fable and Oblivion, but it has its own feel. The focus is making not just a large, sweeping world, but a large, sweeping game to inhabit it. READ MORE

Cubic Ninja, the latest title from developer AQ Interactive, clearly draws some inspiration from indie hit Super Meat Boy. You’re a cube of some sort named CC, navigating areas quickly and avoiding obstacles to try to rescue a girl. There are unlockable characters that modify the physics of how the character moves, there’s a detailed level editor for trying out others’ creations, and there’s this slick-yet-irreverent visual style. READ MORE

In this edition of the Speculator: Mass Effect 3 co-op, the Wii U supporting multiple controllers and Shantae‘s chances of a curtain call on 3DS. READ MORE

Paradox Interactive has been busy lately, working on a sequel to Sword of the Stars, a sequel (and a pseudosequel) to King Arthur and an updated Magicka with a player-vs.-player mode and more DLC. They also gave us some codes for the three original games to give away. How convenient! READ MORE