Shawn Vermette


This week, we talk about the next game from BioWare, weigh in on the future of Agent and ask which new console will reign supreme this holiday. READ MORE


The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is as much an interactive detective mystery as it is a point-and-click adventure game. Pairing an interactive crime story like this with an adventure game used to be common, and The Raven does it well enough to show why. READ MORE


Time and Eternity, the new JRPG from Imageepoch (responsible for Arc Rise Fantasia and the Luminous Arc series), starts off well enough. Toki, the princess of Kamza, is about to marry her fiancé, a knight named Zack, when her friends show up at their house. It is at this point, a mere five minutes into the game, that you start to have a sinking feeling. READ MORE


In this edition of the Speculator, we talk about potential late ports from Square Enix and Rockstar, as well as some interesting stuff brewing over at Valve. READ MORE


First announced in 2009, Thief all but disappeared for a few years, leading many to think it had been quietly canceled. Now, moved to a new generation of consoles, Thief proves itself to be in good hands. READ MORE