The world of local multiplayer is one that can often be full of curiosity and uncertainty. In this installment of Multitap, I answer some questions I’ve heard often from friends and readers, like how to pick the right game for your group, how to find the needed equipment and what to avoid when settling down for a long play session! READ MORE


I’ve previously written about the unfortunate history of handheld multiplayer and the occasional experiences that are worth having. The advent of wireless multiplayer in the DS era has certainly made things at least a bit easier, but up until this point, there just hasn’t been that much outside of Pokemon trading to get people to give it a try, and if you can’t get people in the door, there’s no reason to work on more games to keep those who’ve bought in happy.

Now that’s about to change. Now we’re getting a handheld Super Smash Bros. title. READ MORE


As the PC’s Big Picture era progresses, the viability of the computer as a local multiplayer machine increases at a steady clip. Looking to jump into your own Steam-powered setup? Here’s the best the PC has to offer for fans of local multiplayer titles. READ MORE


These days, local multiplayer is a widespread, pervasive thing in the industry, even if many are moving toward online play. That hasn’t always been the case. After all, not many people were playing four-player games in 1987! And more than any other company, Hudson Soft is responsible for changing the world into one that embraces couch play.

Why? Three main reasons. READ MORE


So here at Multitap we’ve been telling you the best games to try for all sorts of systems. Maybe, though, you don’t have the time (or budget) for all of them. We’re here to help! We’ve compiled and ranked the 20 best home systems for playing with three or more people, and explained exactly why each deserves its place on the list. Okay, here we go! READ MORE