NYCC ’12

When it was initially announced, Nintendo Land was almost a punchline. Billed as a “one more thing” in an unnecessarily-stretched E3 press event, it seemed it was a half-baked stand-in for a proper launch title. This game was supposed to carry a holiday season?

Yeah, maybe. The more we see and play the game’s events, the better it gets.  READ MORE

The first two Lost Planet games, despite not finding much critical success, were enjoyed by many, and the series keeps going along, albeit with a new dev team. The new installment makes some efforts to change things up, though we can’t be sure they’re the right ones. READ MORE

Namco Bandai’s Tank! Tank! Tank! has a silly name. Our issue with it, though, is that it’s inaccurate. There are four tanks, you know? And the Wii U version adds a mode in which a player can also control a big monster. But we guess Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank! Sometimes Monster! isn’t quite as catchy. READ MORE

At New York Comic Con, we took the newest Paper Mario game for a spin, and one thing’s clear: it’s veering away from the RPG roots in which it was conceived. It’s no Super Paper Mario; the game still takes a story and intersperses it with turn-based combat against enemies. But Mario’s all alone this time, and he doesn’t level up. READ MORE

To commemorate the launch of Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 last week, Nintendo held a celebration of sorts near New York Comic Con. Attendees could get prizes (like shirts and a code for the downloadable Pokemon Dream Radar) for trying out the game and getting photos with characters, and band I Fight Dragons was on hand to play for the crowd.

Look for our review of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 soon.