September 2011

Games these days are often compared to feature length films in terms of writing and presentation. Unlike movies, games have more components beyond mere storytelling quirks; they are interactive, allowing for the story to become more in-depth and personal. None of this is new, though. We all know about how games and films can compare and just why the constant comparisons are, quite frankly, completely off base.

Where the two do compare is how the creators intend on grabbing hold of an audience. READ MORE

Last week I wrote about Square Enix’s decision to re-release Final Fantasy X over remaking Final Fantasy VII. My reasoning for this: an HD update of a PS2 game would be way easier than remaking a PS1 game, as it wasn’t a full rebuild. A day after the post went up, Square announced that Final Fantasy X on Vita was in fact a full remake using the Final Fantasy XIII engine. My post was rendered completely moot, and it seems that yes, maybe Square does in fact want to just mess with its fans.There’s a whole other post about why I think the company made that decision and I’m still vaguely on their side, but that’s for another time. The whole thing did get me thinking about games we should probably just stop asking for. READ MORE

Driver is finally exactly what it needs to be – a game that is not trying to be Grand Theft Auto. Between Saint’s Row, Mafia, True Crime, Just Cause, and, well, Grand Theft Auto, the anti-hero sandbox landscape is fairly crowded. Ubisoft Reflections seems to have realized this and made a game that feels similar enough to feel familiar but is different enough that it is its own unique brand of fun. READ MORE

Podcast time, and we’re going retro! In addition to talking about the latest releases like Gears 3 and Persona 2 and our All 4 One beta impressions, we delve into the NES’ library and discuss our favorites.


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Hosts: Matthew Jay, Gerry Pagan, Andrew Passafiume, Graham Russell, Shawn Vermette

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When Persona 2 originally made it stateside in 2000, most fans were unaware that they had only received half of a complete story. The game’s first half, Innocent Sin, would only be released in Japan, leaving a gap that wouldn’t be filled until 11 years later. Atlus has heard the call, and with the US release of Innocent Sin’s PSP remake, fans can finally visit the missing half of Persona 2’s narrative, along with a redone soundtrack by Shoji Meguro and a new, stylized interface. READ MORE