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As I write this column, my cryogenic tube is being taken out of storage to freeze my body until next fall, as I do every year when Community’s season ends. Last week we got the last three episodes of the third season, including one of the best representations of video games I’ve seen on TV. That is not to say it was a super-accurate example of a video game or the development process of making a game, but it was in-jokey, sincere and, most importantly, fun. And isn’t that what video games are all about? READ MORE

If you’re actually nerdy enough to come to this website, and even then actually read this column, you probably saw The Avengers in theaters this weekend. Heck, everyone did. I certainly did. And not just that, but I went to the midnight premiere. At a theater an hour away. And I got there at 11 a.m. and subsequently sat through every one of the Marvel Studios films leading up to The Avengers. What does this have to do with video games? Almost nothing.

But I wish it did. READ MORE

Warning: there are no video games in this post! It’s all card games from here on out.

At first, Cards Against Humanity seems familiar, but its uniqueness quickly sets in. Many compare it to the more popular Apples to Apples, and with good reason: mechanically, the games are essentially identical. At least insofar as they even have mechanics. But one very important thing separates them both: sense of humor. By which I mean Cards Against Humanity has one. READ MORE

It’s finally happening once again. PAX East is upon us as it comes every year, and yet each is always more exciting than the last. My buddy Tom, some members of my sketch group and I will all be skulking around the floor looking for deals on games and screwing around and maybe meeting you! I want to get to know each and every one of you who’s coming to PAX East this week. I mean it, if you’ve ever spent any time on Snackbar I owe you at the very least a hearty handshake or a big manly hug. So be sure to tweet at me and let me know you’re on the floor. READ MORE

I use the Internet, but I don’t have all day to be surfin’ around looking for news and things on different websites. Reddit serves as a great aggregator for everything related to my interests. I just tell it I like things like ‘board games’ and it will give me all the Internets about board games.

So naturally, most of my feed is dominated by video game posts as I subscribe to several gaming-related subreddits like /r/Games, /r/RetroGameSwap and /r/GameCollecting. But by virtue of the sheer bulk of information posted to Reddit, patterns will emerge. Eventually you start to see the same old crap again and again and again. Here are a few I’m particularly tired of. READ MORE