January 2012

There are many ways in which my brain and personality resemble that of a child, but moreso than any is the way I love the things I love. If something manages to capture the attention of my cold and cynical heart for more than a second, there must be something special about it. This happens so rarely that when I truly enjoy something, I just go whole hog. I’ll snatch up the merchandise, play all the games in its canon and wear my love for it proudly on a t-shirt for the world to see. No franchise in history has been more able to engulf my life in this way than Pokemon. READ MORE

Every now and again, a little indie game comes along that grabs everyone’s attention thanks to unique design choices and brilliant immersive gameplay. Games like Braid, Limbo, and Super Meat Boy, just to name a select few, are all fantastic examples of this. These are the games that define gaming today, and we continue to see more of them as time goes on. Sadly, Scarygirl is not one of those games, despite how much it might want to be. It certainly has a lot going for it, but actually playing it is not one of those things. READ MORE

In this episode, we talk about (P)resident Evil 6, the Dreamcast, Scarygirl, All Zombies Must Die! and more. Oh, and Shawn is apparently a koala now.


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Hosts: Gerry Pagan, Andrew Passafiume, Graham Russell, Shawn Vermette.
Music: Podcast theme by Tom Casper.

Everyone does Top 10 Games lists. The problem with those? Usually, they’re full of games that earn a place because of nostalgia or industry significance. Here at Snackbar Games, we like being a little more practical: if you’re looking to just have fun, what games should you pick up and play today? In this installment, we look at Sega’s swan song: the Dreamcast. READ MORE

Here at Snackbar Games, we’re as interested in news as anyone else, and this week the big news is the continuation of the most popular survival horror series in games.

TOP STORY: Resident Evil 6 detailed and dated

Capcom was apparently sitting on a Resident Evil 6 announcement until it had a whole chunk of data they were willing to give up on it (namely a date: November 20). Taking place roughly 10 years after the Raccoon City incident, RE6 will feature separate storylines for Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield: Leon’s focused on America, where the President is zombified, and Chris is heading to China. New characters will be introduced and join them in their attempts to fight the bioterrorism outbreaks. Additionally, while not specifically mentioned by Capcom, the Xbox.com entry for RE6 says that it will support two-player offline and six-player online co-op.