July 2012

We’re doing a special Final Fantasy installment this week. What’s Square Enix doing with Versus, XIII-3 and Type-0, and will we find out at the company’s series anniversary event in September? READ MORE

I like Frogger a lot. I played it on the 2600, I played it in arcades, and I played the awesome Windows 95 (Hasbro Interactive was good to me in the mid-’90s) version at my aunt and uncle’s house when my family computer was stuck on Windows 3.1. I never got tired of helping that frog get from point A to point B, and that hasn’t changed here. READ MORE

The newest college football game has arrived, as it does every year. This time around, EA chose to tweak existing systems while adding a new mode, leading to the best release yet, though still just an annual upgrade. READ MORE

When Civilization V released in 2010, it was one of my most anticipated releases, and with good reason. It brought a lot of sweeping changes to the formula we knew and loved, and I really feel they made it feel like a whole new game, and not just another iteration of the same formula. Gods and Kings offers a return to the religion system which was so popular in Civ IV, though adjusted to fit the gameplay style of V, along with a host of changes and all the new content you might expect from an expansion pack. READ MORE

There are few board games that can cause players to actively chant in the hopes of invoking the arrival of a god. There are even a couple that should cause everyone else in the room to run the heck away should that start to happen. (Arkham Horror, I’m looking at you!) When it occurs during a session of Reiner Knizia’s 1999 classic Ra, however, it’s more good-natured taunting than it is ominous insanity. READ MORE