October 2012

Looking for an appropriate game to play on Halloween? Here are picks from the staff, some scary, others just appropriate for the holiday.

Hang on to your sanity with Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness is a game that has yet to be trumped in regards to its mechanics. This brilliant horror title that goes above and beyond what most horror games attempt to do. What makes it stand out is the sanity meter, which, as you may know, can produce some of the most terrifying, clever, or downright bizarre things to happen in any game like this. READ MORE

A few games have tried over the years, but none have really captured the spirit of explosive, sometimes-manic arena combat quite like Bomberman. Candygun seems to have its sights on the genre king with Dollar Dash, opting for an even-less-controlled dynamic and an interesting scoring system.

Clan of Champions is the third entry of the ongoing Gladiator series (Colosseum: Road to Freedom and Gladiator Begins), and is the first to be set outside of ancient Rome. The Kingdom of Ematrias has tried their best to fight back against the Al-waav Urban Allied Forces. Being the stronger force, the Al-waav forces sent out highly skilled mercenaries to take out Ematrias soldiers. Trying to fight back, the Ematrias kingdom has tried to send out mercenaries of their own, which only contributed to a national crisis. READ MORE

On this episode, Henry is apparently Cthulhu and Andrew made him into such a horrible monster. Oh, and games! We chat about Skylanders Giants, Dokuro, Orgarhythm, Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. We also go into kids’ games that are fun for adults anyway, like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Viva Pinata and more. Don’t miss Shawn as he makes unprompted, vehement denials of horrible, horrible crimes!


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Hosts: Chris Ingersoll, Andrew Passafiume, Chris Rasco, Graham Russell, Henry Skey, Shawn Vermette.
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Of the Wii U’s intriguing launch titles, New Super Mario Bros. U could be the easiest to understand. Building off the success of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the game’s relying on its level design to carry it, and that vocabulary is one in which players are fluent at this point. The GamePad functionality and additional modes seem to be adding a layer specifically for the “core” player, as while they’re fun if you want fun, the true magic comes with some serious skill and cooperation to chase high scores.