October 2012

Orgarhythm, the latest release from Acquire and XSEED, is a peculiar game in many ways. This download-only Vita title has rhythm and strategy at its core, but while it resembles Patapon at first glance, the experience of playing it shares few of the same qualities.  READ MORE

In a land far away, there are two kingdoms that need no excuse to fight; whether it is predicting the weather or expressing opinions about cooking, these two nations can’t agree on anything except fighting each other, because they are not very bright. Happy Wars is a brand new free-to-play XBLA title that aims to lure people with cartoony graphics and fun siege castle-on-castle multiplayer. Just because the game is free doesn’t mean it warrants your time, so is the game worth downloading? READ MORE

The delightfully wacky premise, exemplary and addictive arcade gameplay and an overarching sense of style that make Crazy Taxi a crazy-fun game that could have only come out of the bright-burning flame that was Sega’s twilight years. To this day, you would be hard-pressed to find many game players in this generation that have yet to experience the joy of racing around San Francisco in an indestructible cab. It’s a game that leaves an imprint on players. Sega, being on a big digital distribution kick as of late, has re-released Crazy Taxi on iOS and Android. Given roughly a decade of perspective, how does the new port hold up to the original? READ MORE

In the My Favorite Game series, get to know us better as staff writers share the game they love most and why.

Paper Mario is pure joy. There are games that provide more interesting tactical decisions, games that invest more time in the story and games that stick around and entertain you a lot longer, but there’s just nothing compared to the bliss that comes from this particular blend of battles and puzzle-adventure mechanics.


Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, while a fine game in its own right, certainly had elements that felt like a first effort. After all, it was. With time to iterate and polish mechanics, as well as infuse it with new outside talent and the ideas brought with them, the sequel, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, is definitely one to watch.